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How MVP Starts…

Specializing in the BMW E10 02series, MVP is always committed to making sure the BMW 2002 aftermarket parts quality reaches the standard.

Morris White, the owner as well as the product manager has been a dedicated fan of this car since his childhood. His father, Daniel, was a mechanic, bought a BMW 2002 sedan from his friend. At that time, everyone in his family was impressed by the burgundy color and the appealing appearance of this vehicle. Seeing Daniel devoted himself to taking care of this car, Morris knew BMW 2002 was not merely a transportation to his dad; in fact, it symbolized hope and satisfaction to a middle-class family in the 1970s.

As time passed by, even though the vehicle was taken a good care in 70s, it had gradually become mottled and rusty forty years later.

Knowing how important this car was to his father, Morris was determined to restore the car to fulfill Daniel’s last wish. After doing researches, Morris noticed that the BMW 2002 parts were limited on the market that most of them were out of stock or even without supplier. Therefore, as a 2002 car specialist, he decided to support the BMW 2002 aftermarket parts by providing professional quality examination which helps the manufacturer ensure the product quality and fitment.

In the year 2018, which was also the fiftieth anniversary of BMW 2002, Manufacturer of Vintage Car Parts started to operate. Morris hopes the BMW 2002 owners could restore the vehicle by simply ordering all the car parts on a web store which provides a huge selection of quality guaranteed products. What’s more, his objective is to preserve and maintain the heritage of the 2002, well into the future.

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